Stop Beating Up on Yourself

On this journey to becoming a disciplined woman, we must realize that it is God who makes us better. It’s God who breaks us and molds us and shapes us and refines us. If we could do it, we would have done it.

God makes us better! 


So don’t beat yourself up if you are not where you want to be or you are not who you want to be right now. The most important thing you can do is to decide to seek God’s help in the process of becoming who you are supposed to be.

When I started this Disciplined WomanJourney in 2018, I heard very clearly from God that so many of us are not where we can be because we aren’t disciplined in our pursuit. What does that mean?

We pursue God every now and then.

We pursue better in ourselves when it’s convenient.

We pursue more knowledge of God only when we are going through hard times.

We pursue a deeper, more accountable relationship with God’s people until it becomes uncomfortable.

God showed me women who are in desperate need of better but who are also in desperate need of discipline. He said, “If they will just pursue me wholeheartedly –when they want to and when they don’t want to, when it’s cold and when it’s hot, when it is fashionable and when it’s not — I will do it!

You don’t have to do all things and every thing right now in order to be a disciplined woman. You just have to 1) decide to be disciplined, and 2) make one disciplined decision at a time. Just one. They will add up. They have to. You can’t do better each day and come out worse. One disciplined decision at a time. Okay?

Task #5 – Make a disciplined decision today in terms of your pursuit with God and the seed you sowed at the beginning of 2018. Just one disciplined decision. Do you need to call someone? Do you need to read something? Do you need to write something? Do you need to delete someone? Do you need to ask for advice? Do you need some alone time? Make one disciplined decision and then journal about it. If you are willing, please share.

With a disciplined love,



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