Celebrate What God Is Doing

gallery-1473796416-child-marriage-knotLast week my husband and I celebrated 22 years of marriage. To be honest, we hadn’t always “celebrated.” We loved and liked each other, reflected on the day we married, and maybe went out to dinner, but no real celebrations. Why? We were either too tired, too busy working or taking care of children.

There’s really no excuse not to celebrate your anniversary. No excuse!

We know that now.

After year 20 we started being more intentional about celebrating us. We go hard for others all the time and constantly neglect us. We’d always joke with our married friends who took vacation to the beach or excursions on a cruise that we planned to be like them when we grew up. So. . . that’s what we had to do: GROW UP.

Truth be told, there was really nothing holding us back from celebrating but the fear that things couldn’t go on without us. But that’s really arrogant, isn’t? As if God couldn’t or wouldn’t maintain His kingdom while we took a few days to love on each other.

God can. God will. God did.

So, I took some time away to celebrate with the love of my life. I know for a fact that it pleased God to see the two He joined together enjoy sweet communion with each other.

The scriptures say that “it’s the Father’s good pleasure to give us the Kingdom” (Luke 12:32). He’s given it to me and Tacuma. He’s orchestrating our lives and filling our days with His purpose. He’s keeping His promises and revealing His glory through us day by day.

He’s doing it. Not us.

Moving forward, we will be disciplined when it comes to honoring and thanking God for our marriage. We will be disciplined in stepping away from the day to day and allowing Him to move and shift things according to His will.

Because, beloved, it ain’t about us; it’s about Him.

When we honor each other and what God is doing in our lives, we honor God.

Take a moment to watch a little bit of our journey to 22 years of marriage. We hope it blesses and encourages you.


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